Hi! I'm Maria (or Masha like "Masha and the Bear" :), a Toronto based photographer. 

I dived into photography 10 years ago, starting from filling in numerous family albums on vacations. Later I switched to documentary photography, for the last 5 years working as wedding and family photographer. 

Then I've tried different genres and lots of gear (like most of us photographers do), from medium format film cameras to rangefinders, but my workhorse is a digital full frame Nikon.

I have lots of experience working in a team of make-up artists, designers and art directors - and do love it - but came to thought that it's actually the beauty of personality which I value and love to capture the most. If you ask me about the light I prefer I would say it's definitely the golden hour, but I feel comfortable in the studio too.

Music photography is another thing that I really enjoy :) 

If you are a Toronto based model, please feel free to contact me! Right now I'm looking for collaborations to fill the gap for beauty shots and model snaps in my portfolio. 

You can leave me a message by filling this form, and I will answer as soon as I can.


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